Thousands of education organisations today use fragmented management systems and software platforms to manage their administrative and learning activities. EMS provides a solution that unifies them all in one simple and beautiful platform.

An Education Management System (EMS) is an institutional service unit producing, managing, and disseminating educational data and information. EMS is unique solution developed for educational institutes to manage the functions like Employee Management, Student Management System, Examination amd Marks Management, Library System, Timetables and Syllabus setup etc.,

It includes processing, analyzing, and reporting of educational information including teacher, students, staff, and library management etc.

We are helping schools with literally every aspect of their school improvement plans; everything from cost savings and saving teacher time, to improving results and engaging parents. EMS has given us the tools to help us increase our enrolments by more than 100%. Management of our existing students is now easier than ever.

  • Multi User
  • Student Management
  • Student Reports & Grades module
  • Attendance & Truancy Management
  • Timetable
  • Library

24 X 7 X 365 access to your Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents & Accountant. Application provides access to all your stakeholders who get to see what they are expected. We simplified the complexity of user privileges so that you don’t need to worry about it.

It features components for computing, compiling and managing school finances, students records & other school management processes, all in one place. From enhancing teaching quality to improving efficiency.

With the Student Management module you can begin to track student details for any person in your database. This includes tracking admission details as well as every enrollment and registration. This module also allows you to set up courses and assign grades and/or written reports for each registration. With this module, BigSIS also has the optional ability to create extremely flexible rubric-style grading matrixes that can cater to your school’s student evaluations.

Grading and reports can be done at the end of a semester or anytime throughout the semester in the form of progress reports. There are a variety of different styles, each with many options, for sending out these reports, and the system automatically creates cover sheets, labels and duplicate copies for children from split families. What’s more, with just a few clicks, you can make these reports immediately available to parents via the parent portal that comes with BigSIS. The portal, just like the admin, is accessible from any web browser so parents can view and download reports at their convenience.

The Student Reports & Grades module is part of the teacher portal. Teachers may log in, view their courses and write narrative progress reports (alternatively, end-of-year reports, end-of-semester reports, or report cards) for each student, including an option to fill out a rubric-style matrix assessment.

These reports are stored in the student’s record and may be printed out for parents with ease or released to the parent portal to give parents access to them online (see Student Management above). This module also allows teachers to take attendance for their own courses online. Finally, class teachers, room parents, and advisors may be given access to view (and even edit) reports for an entire grade as well as email parents and students.

The Attendance & Truancy Management tool allows you to track the attendance of the students enrolled in any given semester by the day and/or by their courses. Attendance can be taken via a computer or tablet in the classroom, or on paper and entered later. You set up the attendance groups (Present, Late, Absent, Suspended, Etc.) that you want, and then each group can have as many statuses as needed (Late – Excused, Late – Unexcused (no note), Late – Unexcused (has note), etc.). Coming soon, you will be able to setup truancy rules with corresponding punishments (e.g., 3 unexcused tardies = detention).

System work can run nightly to alert you to who has broken truancy rules. Attendance summaries can be shown on student reports.

  • Drag and drop timetable
  • Alerts on subject limits per week while creating timetable
  • Alerts on employee subject limits while creating timetable
  • Conflict warnings if the same teacher assigned with another class for the same period
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Edit/Delete timetable facility available
  • Timetable tracking
  • Effective employee work allotment
  • View teacher's timetable
  • View complete institution timetable on just one click

  • Browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
  • Manage library books, View/Edit/Delete/Add books
  • Add books with custom tag facility available
  • Filter book using available filters
  • Normal and detail Search for a book available
  • Manage book returns, issues
  • Initial library setting for courses available
  • Issued/Renewed book status

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