Microsoft’s new and improved online productivity suite, Office 365 and Share Point. We provide Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Migrate & Upgrade services and Sites Customization Technical Support and training on office 365 apps.


We create custom designed, open-sourced and e-commerce websites and landing pages.Using the latest technology, creativity and innovative ideas, we provide a full range of Website Design and Development services.


We work closely with technology and your business organizations to create IT capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost but also address tomorrow’s requirement for enhanced business and operational capabilities.


We undertake Annual IT Maintenance Contract of all the computer systems in your organization. We assure you a timely committed service and a long lasting relationship with your organization to support on all systems Maintenance.


Insofs provides a range of managed domain hosting, web hosting services.Highly experienced and talented team of professionals working towards customer service supports back these services along with your domain registration.


With our consistent focus on achieving the highest possible technical capabilities in each of our core focus technologies we can deliver technical implementation services at the highest standard available in the industry.

What we will do for you

  • Migrations
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Managed Services
  • Business Solutions
  • Development/Integration

SharePoint allows your team and business partners to share information and/or useful things/valuable supplies in an appropriately-timed and We can help you migrate to SharePoint 2013 or to Office 365 from a previous version of SharePoint or another CMS.

We are highly experienced at migrating SharePoint from one generation to the next and our experts are here to streamline your organization's upgrade from start to finish.
SharePoint migrate & upgrade services cover the entire cycle from planning and preparation to post upgrade support. During the SharePoint upgrade process we implement our proven migration techniques, such as read-only databases and parallel database upgrades, in order to reduce downtime.

We believe in creating a customized solution for each of our unique needs. Be it intranet portals, workflows, public websites, extranet or BI, we deliver as promised. We believe in designs those are appropriate for the users at all levels and for faster adoption.

The level of customization in your current setup has a say on the complexity of the upgrade. Determine current customization levels in terms of User Interface, Features etc., Is an Information Architecture in place for your current SharePoint setup? If not it is better to have one created before the SharePoint upgrade. If you do have information architecture in place re-visit it and refine it to suit your current need.

We are your reliable partner throughout your O365 journey and always there to help you to achieve most of its SharePoint online usage most suitable for your collaboration needs. We are creative in its use and know right approach to build Add-ins and solutions on top of O365.

Microsoft SharePoint is a specialized art and many organizations face challenges with resources that can operate or manage their SharePoint environment in-house. Insofs is the perfect partner to help you fill in the gap with it’s Manages services. Insofs has a team of Certified Microsoft Professionals that understand the importance of the effect a strong SharePoint platform can have on operations.

Solutions for streamlining business process, communications and collaboration.Creating a Business- aligned SharePoint Architecture and Roadmap.Designing and implementing a scalable SharePoint Infrastructure.Defining Site creation and Branding Standards that ensures a consistent user experience. Defining Site creation and Branding Standards that ensures a consistent user experience.

We have the flexibility to work on premises or with fully managed services – including Office 365. Once you decide on an upgrade path, we offer guidance based on best practices developed by working with the latest technologies, both within Insofs and with our customers. The result is a faster time to upgrade, predictable costs, a higher-quality result and more satisfied administrators and users.Every organization that has SharePoint 2007 or 2010 setup in their company, are now thinking about migrating to SharePoint 2016. Before venturing into SharePoint 2016 following are the points that should be considered:

Packaged Solutions and Templates for the Installation, Customization, and Adoption of common business applications like Corporate portals, Client Dashboards, Help desk and asset tracking, Project Management Dashboad\rd, IT Operations Dashboard, HR Dashboard, Executive Leadership dashboard, SalesTeam Dashboard, Entrerprise Search, Reports Center, Records Center.

Experienced SharePoint consultants hold discussions with stake holders of your organization to find out current business needs, future plans, IT setup and suggest best practices for implementation. Our consultants will identify and suggest.

Enhancing SharePoint functionality to address Client Specific needs( Workflows, System Integration, Custom Workflows, Infopath, XLST, JavaScript,.NET, Webparts, Authentication providers, Custom Features, VSTO Solution, Custom Search Solutions, SharePoint Designer.

The amount of data in your current SharePoint environment has an effect on the upgrade timelines. Insofs helps you survey your current environment and remove content that is not required or obsolete. Insofs also helps you Identify sites that can be consolidated together. This helps easily locating information in the new environment.